Artistic Expression With a Purpose!

Teresa Mackey Art

My art journey began on a desperate day in July 2020 because of a suggestion from my chemo infusion nurse to find a hobby. The idea was to channel my energy into art as a way to keep me from spiraling into depression because of all the negativity that was building in me from the chaotic times I was facing. That suggestion has led me to a passion for creating eclectic styles of free flowing, vibrant forms of art using acrylic paint techniques on a wide variety of substrates.  Many of the embellishments are recycled objects that are reused in a beautiful and interesting piece of art. My hope is that the purchaser will be blessed when viewing the piece in their home knowing that 20% of the proceeds go to helping others in Laurel and Hattiesburg, MS while keeping many objects out of the landfill.

Some of the pieces that I have created have been donated and hang in places such as the infusion room of the Hattiesburg Clinic Cancer Center and provide patients with a beautiful pieces to observe while getting their treatment. It is a piece that promotes Live in Laurel, a free concert series held both Spring and Fall in the Art Park. Every other week the winners of Trivia Night held at 320 5th Avenue (a business established during the beginning of the Covid-19), receive mini paintings on smaller tiles to name a few places that are important to their respective community.

Latest Work


“After seeing Teresa Mackey’s art on Facebook, I realized that she was in town and asked if she would consider giving lessons.  I have had the privilege to see much of her work in person now and have had lessons that have sent my artwork soaring!  She takes the complex and makes it easy to understand and fun.  I highly recommend her as a teacher and her work with pouring is amazing and beautiful.  Pictures do not do it justice.  Everyone should have her art on their walls.  I give her 6 stars on a scale of 1 to 5.”

“Teresa turned my love of football and my fandom of Tom Brady into a stunning piece of art that currently hangs above the desk in my office. Teresa not only blended the colors of the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the canvas, but she also found a way to include the numbers 12 (his number) and 7 (his number of Super Bowl wins) onto the canvas. My friend who strongly dislikes the Patriots even commented on how beautiful the piece is. Satisfied customer!?

“I am a friend and neighbor of Teresa. I have been gifted with two pieces of Teresa’s artwork for Bonnie’s Laurel Cottage! They are so fun and colorful! One is mixed media and the other is an acrylic paint pour. Doing this artwork has given Teresa Mackey “purpose and meaning” after her breast cancer surgery and treatments.   Teresa and her family have had other hardships and health challenges! Teresa has found a new vibrancy by immersing herself in her love of art! I hope you enjoy her pieces as much as I have!”